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The story
Once upon a time Remy, Vivien, Louis and Damien, four lobster lovers looking for good venues to enjoy their favorite seafood


They did found these venues, but far from France: in Boston, New-York, Canada


Willing to share their passion, they created the first lobster restaurant in Paris: Les Pinces


At Les Pinces, our philosophy is to offer good value lobster at a great quality: fresh lobster, homemade french fries, sauces and deserts, in a nice and easy atmosphere


As we also fancy meat, Les Pinces also offer a delicious 500 grams prime rib (beef)

Idée originale pour ce restaurant chic du quartier du marais à paris

Questions we are asked everyday


Where are your lobsters from?
It depends! Usually Canada, sometimes the US and Bretagne. Our top priority is to serve fresh lobster at a good price.

You claim your lobsters are fresh, why can’t we see live lobsters parading around?
Our lobsters sleep in a lobster tank in the basement of the restaurant. You can see them through a window down the stairs.

Are you lobsters wild or farmed?
We could answer that we buy wild lobsters because the taste is better, but the real answer is… farmed lobsters don’t exist!

Why do your homemade fries are equally sized?!
Our fries are cut by our chef with a fat fry cutter: less blisters, more yummy 🙂

A friend recommended Les Pinces but I don’t like neither lobster nor beef. Anything else on the menu?

No doubt, your friend know you well! Ask our staff, there are plenty of other cuisines in Le Marais

How can you be all so good looking in this restaurant?
Oh how sweet! Forget about it, compliments won’t be enough to get free lobsters, sorry! Though it might work for an extra-French fries 🙂

Dude! You claim “affordable lobster”, but it’s still expensive!
Unfortunately, lobster is an expensive raw material. We try to offer the cheapest lobster while not risking to close the restaurant!

Can I get the waitress / waiter number?
Everyone who got it started by asking

Idée originale pour ce restaurant chic du marais à paris

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